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Vani Axita C*, Sherin Stephen, Nadasha T

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Estimation of serum levels of magnesium in antenatal women in a tertiary health centre

Original Article

Author Details : Vani Axita C*, Sherin Stephen, Nadasha T

Volume : 8, Issue : 3, Year : 2021

Article Page : 204-210

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Context: Magnesium is an important macrominerals required for various functions in our body and also as a cofactor for several enzymes. Magnesium deficiency in pregnancy due to decreased intake or increased demands may lead to complications like eclampsia, pre eclampsia, IUGR, gestational diabetes mellitus, low birth weight etc. Hence we aim to estimate magnesium levels in antenatal women attending a tertiary care centre in North Kerala.
Aim of Study: 1. To estimate the levels of Serum Magnesium in antenatal women. 2. Compare the level of Magnesium with Hb, random blood glucose and Blood Pressure levels. 3. Determine sociodemographic profile of antenatal cases.
Settings and Design: This observational study was conducted in department of Biochemistry, GMC, Kannur from February 2020. All antenatal cases attending OBG OPD, GMC, Kannur, age between 18-35 years were included in the study while women with comorbidities and pregnancy complications were excluded from the study.
Materials and Methods: Biochemical parameters like blood sugar, hemoglobin, HBA1C, were assayed on fully automated analyser, Se. Magnesium was assayed on a semi automated analyser by calmagite kit method. Patient biodata, history, clinical parameters and other relevant details were collected in prestructured formats.
Results: Total 30 patients were selected in this study. The age of patients ranged from 20 to 36 years with mean age 27.83 + 4.53 years. The mean Magnesium level in the study participants was 1 + 0.32 mg/dl. In our study participants reported 0 still birth, and 2 (6.7%) had abortions. Majority of them 90% had oedema of lower limbs. Participants had no history of pre-existing illnesses like hypertension hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, etc. There was a week positive correlation of Magnesium with systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and by comparing the levels of Magnesium with Haemoglobin and Blood pressure, they are not significant.
Conclusion: Determination of Magnesium deficiency in the pregnancy can help in initiating appropriate supplementation and prevention of untoward complications, associated with Magnesium deficiency. Also, such studies, have not been conducted in this part of Kerala and will help to provide more information related to the topic.

Keywords: Magnesium, Antenatal women, Deficiency, Hypomagnesemia.

How to cite : Vani Axita C, Stephen S, Nadasha T, Estimation of serum levels of magnesium in antenatal women in a tertiary health centre. Int J Clin Biochem Res 2021;8(3):204-210

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