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Preeti Yadav, S Ravichandran*

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An overview of water pollution studies on Gomti river

Original Article

Author Details : Preeti Yadav, S Ravichandran*

Volume : 8, Issue : 2, Year : 2021

Article Page : 96-99

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Water is very essential for all forms of life. Most of the time our civilizations were generated on the water bank. The Gomati river is located in south of the Himalayan foot hills near Madhogani Tanda village in Pilibhit district in northern Uttar Pradesh. It flows southeastward for almost 940 km through nine districts of Uttar Pradesh. Large amounts of human waste, agricultural and industrial pollutants are discharged in this river as it flows through the highly populated regions of Uttar Pradesh. Lakhimpurkheri, Lucknow, Sultanpur and Jaunpur are major cities located along this river; they are a major source of municipal and domestic waste and sewage water causing pollution in this river. However in recent times, the conditions of water quality are very badly affected. The reasons for this due to increase in population growth, rapid industrialization and agriculture methods resulting deterioration of water quality. The water pollution has many negative consequences such as destruction of marine habitat, development of various fatal human diseases such as cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, etc. Therefore, water pollution is indeed a major and serious global topic of concern. Water Pollution matters because it harms the environment on which we depend. Destroying the environment ultimately reduces the quality of our own lives. Research survey concluded that large number of drains are responsible for pollution in river Gomti that enter directly into the river carrying untreated industrial and domestic waste. In this present article, an attempt is being made to review the various steps should be taken on personal basis to tackle the problem of Gomti river water pollution.

Keywords: Water pollution, Industrial pollutants, Heavy metals, Water borne diseases.

How to cite : Yadav P, Ravichandran S, An overview of water pollution studies on Gomti river. Int J Clin Biochem Res 2021;8(2):96-99

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